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Wish lantern
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     What is paper lantern?    
     what is sky lantern.    
     Charger plates make a comeback.    
     Charger plates origin?    
     What is a Decorative Charger Plate?    
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Wish lantern
When you ignited the sky lantern (wish lantern), the lantern fly with your wish, which make your dream come true. Starry Night in design, development, production and sale Sky lantern. Sky lantern is a traditional product. It is generally used in ad .entertainment .you can print words of ad. And picture .Paying it very easy. The product is made by pure hand. Playing Introduction You can get it from pack .unfold it lightly ,write down your wish ,and make air go into it ,make stamp shade unfold., fix the fuel block in the wire. Let it fly after igniting the fuel.  
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